PMI Code Of Ethics And Professional Conduct – Every Project Manager Should Be Aware

PMI code of ethics and professional conduct tells you how to be good at your work as a project manager.

Every project manager who is PMP certified by default agrees to follow the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct.

You might be having lot of project management experience and knowledge to deal with complex project issues. However if you do not follow the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct, then you may not be doing good at your work.

PMI Code Of Ethics and professional conduct

PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Questions On The PMP exam

Prior to PMBOK guide 5th edition, PMI code of ethics and professional conduct questions on the PMP exam used to come as separate questions. However since PMBOK 5th edition, the questions pertaining to PMI code of ethics and professional conduct is scattered across process groups and knowledge areas. And the same continues in PMP exam based on PMBOK 6th edition.

For example there may be a question in the PMP exam pertaining to planning process group, however the question is testing the behavior of the project manager on the ethics or professional conduct of the project manager.

PMI code of ethics and professional conduct questions in PMP exam make up to 10% of the total exam.  Just in case if you are not aware of PMP exam format and process group wise questions distribution percentages, please read through my detailed blog post on everything you need to know about PMP Exam.

Well! That is a good news. Because these questions are very easy to crack, if you understand the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct closely.

PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Concepts

PMI code of ethics and professional conduct prepares you to be aware of few guidelines. These guidelines primarily are pertaining to the four qualities. They are responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.

  • As an employee of the organization, you need to respect and comply to your employer’s policies and laws. This include information security, operational health and safety and trade compliance, etc.
  • In day to day work, you may be dealing with lot of stakeholders that include your team members, customers, counterparts and others. Always treat everyone with respect and fairness.
  • As a project manager, you need to show respect to the society, environment. More importantly contribute to the project community in whatever the way you can. You can share your opinions, comment to the articles, answer the questions, etc.…
  • You may be working people which are scattered across various geographical locations. Hence being aware of different cultures and respect other cultures are important.
  • Protect copy right laws of your company.
  • As a project manager learn from the lessons in your and from other projects. And always be good at your job.
  • Integrity is at most important for the project manager. Always be honest to everyone on the project and build the trust with everyone.
  • If you find any potential breaches, report to the relevant entities.

As a Project Manager What Not To Do?

  • When something is offered to you as a bribe or gift to change the perspective of the way you work, decline this and inform the same to your organization.
  • If there is any situation, where you need to work with your close relatives or friends, show your integrity by proving a disclosure. For example, if you had to interview your friend for a job position, show your integrity by providing disclaimer to other relevant stakeholders.
  • Always protect copyrights and licenses of your organization products and other’s products and properties.
  • Never approach any shortcuts, that are against to policies or best practices.
  • Being un ethical to the universe, country, community and society you are living in is not at all acceptable.


We have seen how a project manager is responsible to the organization, work, community and society.

Never accept bribe, gift or any other form of benefit from the stakeholders. Especially if you have to change the opinion on the way you work because of this.

For the purpose of PMP exam, understanding and aligning to the above PMI code of ethics and professional conduct is very important.

Finally ensure you do not go wrong on the questions on PMI code of ethics and professional conduct in the PMP exam. As these are the easiest questions on the PMP exam.

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