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I have completed my masters in computers in year 2000. There after learned lot of technologies, prepared for management certifications and helped lot of my friends and network with the knowledge I have acquired over the period of time.

About Scholar99.com

During my several years of professional life, I struggle a lot to find quality materials over the internet pertaining to technologies, certifications, management topics, etc… Our intention of starting this blog is to write qualitative tutorials that are essential in every IT professional’s career.

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Simplified education on IT Skills, certifications, technologies, etc…

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Get maximum courses and tutorials pertaining to Information Technology at one place online.

PMP Tutorials

Over the past few years, PMP (Project Management Professional) certification has been my primary subject of interests. So I felt, I should first start the blog with PMP tutorials.

I have read almost every PMP book, watched hell lot of blogs and videos, talked to hundreds of people who are aspiring to crack PMP Certification exam.

The primary interest of starting this blog is to share my knowledge of PMP exam preparation in a simplified way to the PMP aspirants across the globe.

This blog will contains step by step materials on topics such as:

  • PMP Preparation Plan
  • PMP Exam cracking strategies
  • PMP Exam Tips & Tricks
  • PMP Step by Step tutorial for variety of topics
  • PMP Study notes
  • PMP Videos
  • PMP Sample Questions and Mocks
  • Discussion on topics, Questions, etc..

To make it more interesting and interactive, I would request you to let me know your feedback on any topics or improvements.

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